Willamette Randonneurs

Photo of Alsea Loop 200k, March 2017 by Jeff Reynolds
Photo: Jeff Reynolds

Willamette Randonneurs is a group of randonneurs and those interested in randonneuring in the southern Willamette Valley and surrounding areas. Willamette Randonneurs was formed in late 2016, with our first official season in calendar year 2017.

The regional brevet admistrator (RBA) for our region is Michal Young.


Randonneuring, also known as audax, is long-distance, mostly unsupported cycling. (more)

2017 Events

The March 11 and June 24 events have been approved by Randonneurs USA and Audax Club Parisien as ACP brevets. Other events are tentative or in development; details will be posted as we have them.

Sat Mar 11 Alsea Loop 200k ACP brevet. 7:30am start from Market of Choice at 29th and Willamette. Details
Sat Jun 24 Smith River Loop 300k ACP brevet. Eugene to Florence via Triangle Lake, south to Reedsport, in on Smith River and Wolf Creek. Details
August 20, 2017 Dart to Darkness! Dart Populaire (team ride), 120km to Willamina, in the zone of totality for the eclipse on August 21. Teams of 3-5 bicycles ride together to Willamina on routes of their own design. All teams meet in Willamina for a cookout, campout, and eclipse viewing the next morning. Details
Real soon now ... First Willamette Randonneurs populaire (100km), starting and ending at Wandering Goat Coffee.