Willamette Randonneurs

Photo of Alsea Loop 200k, March 2017 by Jeff Reynolds
Photo: Jeff Reynolds

Willamette Randonneurs is a group of randonneurs and those interested in randonneuring in the southern Willamette Valley and surrounding areas. Willamette Randonneurs was formed in late 2016, with our first official season in calendar year 2017.

The regional brevet admistrator (RBA) for our region is Michal Young.


Randonneuring, also known as audax, is long-distance, mostly unsupported cycling. (more)

2018 Events

Sat Mar 31 (postponed one week due to ice) Five Rivers ACP 200km brevet. This ride starts in Eugene, goes out McKenzie View and Camp Creek to Walterville, then north through Mohawk, Marcola, and Sweet Home to Lebanon, and back through Brownsville and Coburg. It is a fairly (but not entirely) flat route, fully paved, with many places to get food along the route.
April No Willamette Randonneurs events. We recommend the Desert River Randonneurs 400k brevet on April 14, the Seattle International Randonneurs Flèche Northwest on the weekend of April 20, and the Oregon Randonneurs Three Capes 300k brevet on April 28. A full calendar of Pacific Northwest randonneuring events can be found on the Northwest Rando Calendar.
Sat May 19 ACP 200km brevet, Alsea Loop. This ride starts in Eugene, goes west to Crow and north to Monroe, continuing north on Bellfountain before it turns west on Decker. It goes west again to Alsea (crossing the coast range the first time) where you can get refreshment at John Boy's Mercantile. The highlight of the route is the slow and then gradually steeper climb past Alsea Falls and then a rip-roaring descent toward Alpine. The route is quite hilly with a mile or so of gravel (which you can avoid at the coast of about 1/2 mile bonus distance). The final third of the route, passing again through Monroe and then veering a little east to Alvadore and back to Eugene, is flat.
Sat Jun 16 ACP 300km brevet, Smith River Loop, near the summer solstice so that many riders can finish in daylight. The 2018 route will include a spur to the beach.
Fri Jul 27 ACP 400km brevet, Friday night start. Tentatively north from Eugene to the Portland area overnight and back to Eugene in daylight.

2017 Events

Sat Mar 11 Alsea Loop 200k
Sat Jun 24 Smith River Loop 300k ACP brevet.
Sun Aug 20 Dart to Darkness Dart Populaire (team ride), 120km to Willamina for the total eclipse.