Lunch in Veneta, April 17, 2021

Unofficial map and downloadable track: ; Contact for more information:

Registration form

8:30 am at Wandering Goat Coffee, 268 Madison Street, Eugene 97402. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before start. RUSA membership required. No day-of-ride registration.
Oakshire Brewing Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene 97402


This is a populaire (100k) sanctioned Randonneurs USA, and is subject to RUSA Rules for Riders. If you are not familiar with these rules, please read them well in advance so that you can be prepared. They are not the same as a club century ride.

This ride will take place entirely in daylight hours, so lights and reflectivity requirements are not in effect.

We will use electronic proof of passage (either GPS or photos) exclusively. There will be no brevet cards, but I will provide a cue sheet at the start. I can arrange to collect information control answers if you prefer.

What to expect

This is a self-supported ride. There is no SAG. Food and drinks are available at markets along the route. Randonneuring rules prohibit personal support vehicles or other personal support except at the controles, which are marked on the route.

This is an all-conditions ride. There will be some kind of weather. Maybe it will be wonderful, and maybe it won't. Come prepared. Unless you feel your life or health are at risk, ride through.

Pandemic Conditions

We are taking special measures to ride safely in pandemic conditions. You must bring a mask to the start and use it when entering any establishment on the route, whether or not they require it. I advise bringing enough water to get through a 100km (62.5 miles) without refilling, although it is possible to buy or find water in Veneta. Despite the name of the ride and pleasant memories of convivial brunches in Veneta, we do not plan any indoor dining on this ride or after.