Umpqua 300k
June 4, 2022

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Register by Thursday evening at: Registration form

Start time is 5am at All American City Square (aka Opal Whitely Park), 711 E Main Street, Cottage Grove, OR, across from the Axe and Fiddle and the Bookmine. Please arrive at least ten minutes early for announcements about the ride, to sign waivers and for a photo op in front of the Opal Whitely mural. The first 51 miles will be shaded by hills and trees, meaning it will be a cool start to the day, so dress accordingly. There will be no restrooms available at the start, but there is a vault toilet 3.5 miles into the route at the Mosby Creek Trailhead. There is also a 24hr Chevron truck stop on Gateway Blvd just off I-5 exit 174 next to the McDonalds should you need a restroom or anything else before the ride.
$15 by Thursday 8pm, 2 June.
by 1am Sunday
Route (with cues)
Umpqua 300 Brevet.


Starting in Cottage Grove at the southern tip of the Willamette Valley, you will leave town heading east on the Row River Trail (rhymes with cow) before turning onto Sharps Creek Rd. Just before reaching Clark Creek Rd you will enter the Umpqua National Forest and start toward the morning’s long steep climb. Reaching the top of the climb, you will cross the Calapooya Divide and descend toward the North Umpqua River, which you will follow closely for the next 40 miles. Once reaching Sutherlin, it would be wise to top off your water bottles (three water bottles would be recommend), as the next 45 miles has limited services and couple of good climbs. The 22 miles along Tyee Rd has some lovely views on the main stem Umpqua River. Drain may be your last stop for food/water (the Lorane Family Market closes at 8pm)


As a condition of participation, you will be asked to sign a release and waiver of liability at the ride start. Read it now so that you are familiar with it. Be sure you know what you're getting into and are prepared and comfortable with the risks.

This brevet is sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien and Randonneurs USA, and is subject to RUSA Rules for Riders. If you are not familiar with these rules, please read them well in advance so that you can be prepared. They are not the same as a club century ride.

RUSA membership is required to participate.

Your bicycle must be equipped with front and rear lights, even if you expect to finish in daylight. After dusk, you must use your lights. You must carry adequate reflective garments, preferably conforming to RUSA reflectivity guidelines. If you are observed riding in low light conditions with inadequate lights or reflectivity, you will be disqualified.

Familiarize yourself with procedures for riding a brevet, incuding collection of times and signatures on the control card. The card must be signed and turned in at the finish.

What to expect

This is a self-supported ride. There is no SAG. Food and drinks are available at markets along the route, but there are extensive sections without services, so be sure to provision well. I expect two bottles will be enough for most riders in spring weather. Randonneuring rules prohibit personal support vehicles or other personal support except at the controles, which are marked on the route.

This is an all-conditions ride. There will be some kind of weather. Maybe it will be wonderful, and maybe it won't. Come prepared. Unless you feel your life or health are at risk, ride through.

Expect this to be somewhat tougher than a typical club century ride. You need not be a fast rider, but it takes some discipline to move efficiently through the controles. Remember, the clock doesn't stop, even when you do! The slower you ride, the more important is your “controle discipline.”

Most important: Be safe, and enjoy the ride.

Robert's Creek Road between Glide and Dillard
Robert's Creek Road (James Taylor 2022)