Smith River Loop 300k, June 22, 2019

Lower Smith River Road
Lower Smith River Road


We will leave 5am from Mandy's at 15th and Willamette in Eugene and ride past Fern Ridge Reservoir and west on Highway 36 to Florence, then down the coast to Reedsport and back in on Lower Smith River Road and Wolf Creek Road.

The map and route were revised on June 12 to reflect the new start point. While no route revisions are anticipated, small fixes are possible after the pre-ride June 15, and the cue sheet will be updated to reflect the 2019 route then.

Map and downloadable track: ; Cue sheet: (xlsx).
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2017 pre-ride report


Please fill the form and then pay using Google or PayPal. Fee is $15 through Wednesday, 19 June, $20 later or day of ride.


This brevet is sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien and Randonneurs USA, and is subject to RUSA Rules for Riders. If you are not familiar with these rules, please read them well in advance so that you can be prepared. They are not the same as a club century ride.

Your bicycle must be equipped with front and rear lights, even if you expect to finish in daylight. After dusk, you must use your lights. You must carry adequate reflective garments, preferably conforming to RUSA reflectivity guidelines. If you are observed riding in low light conditions with inadequate lights or reflectivity, you will be disqualified.

Familiarize yourself with procedures for riding a brevet, incuding collection of times and signatures on the control card. The card must be signed and turned in at the finish.

What to expect

This is a self-supported ride except for one checkpoint with water and a snack near Oxbow summit, about midway between Reedsport and Eugene. There is no SAG. Food and drinks are available at markets along the route. Randonneuring rules prohibit personal support vehicles or other personal support except at the controles, which are marked on the route.

A 300k (186 mile) brevet is a little shorter than a double century, but a little harder because being self-supported you will likely be carrying more gear and supplies. Ride steadily and remember to keep eating and drinking. You should carry some food to eat while you ride. Your stomach may turn against sugar, so bring something salty and savory as an alternative. Top up your bottles frequently, especially in Reedsport.

This is an all-conditions ride. There will be some kind of weather. Maybe it will be wonderful, and maybe it won't. Come prepared. Unless you feel your life or health are at risk, ride through.

When it is very hot in the valley it can be very cold at the coast, so dress in layers. At least one layer of wool on your torso will keep you more comfortable through varying conditions than all synthetic layers.

You need not be a fast rider, but it takes some discipline to move efficiently through a long day of riding. The clock doesn't stop, even when you do, so don't dawdle away your time at the convenience store! The slower you ride, the more important is your “controle discipline.”

On the other hand, at some point in the ride you may feel defeated and exhausted. Don't despair. Stop for five minutes, take off your shoes, drink something and eat something. Stretch or lay down. Then get back on your bike, and even if the remainder of the ride seems daunting, just make it another ten miles down the road. Repeat as needed.

Most important: Be safe, and enjoy the ride.

Lesli Larson, Smith River Road
Lesli Larson on Smith River Road

Hotels and Parking

The closest inexpensive hotel is Timbers Lodge. There are several other choices on Franklin Blvd, about 5-7 minutes away from the start by bicycle. Franklin Blvd is a busy street by day, but at 4:30am it will pretty empty. Eugene parking structures (Parcade on Willamette, Overpark at 10th and Oak) are free from Friday evening through Sunday. Faculty/Student parking at UO Baker Center, 10th and Broadway, should be free from Friday 6pm through Sunday.

Lower Smith River Road
Lesli Larson on Lower Smith River Road